In creating a school-based wellness centre, modeled after several centres throughout the province, tailored to our area, we are reducing the barriers to youth (under age 19) needing services, who are unattached or unable to access services due to living in a rural area, as well as creating a culture that is proactive when it comes to wellness.   Few adolescents receive routine preventive health/mental health care, and teens from disadvantaged backgrounds are at the highest risk of not having regular health/mental health maintenance visits.  This School-based health care centre is better positioned to meet the needs of youth than traditional office-based practices are.

We offer a safe, culturally sensitive and comfortable setting for youth to seek care and engage with a multitude of health services, including Family Physicians, Public Health Nurses, Social Workers, Specialists and the Mental Health/Substance Use Supports and other community services and programs, including for our Indigenous and LGBTQ2S youth.

The Wellness Centre is a hub for Health and Wellness services and activities, workshops and connections – this includes all school staff, parents and caregivers.

The main objective of the Collaborative was to increase timely access of children, youth and their families to access mental health and substance use services and we are doing just that.